Renew a Business License

A business license permits a business to operate in a specific town, city, or state. Business licenses typically require annual renewal. To renew online, you will need your current business license certificate number and/or PIN included in your renewal notice.

What is a Business License? Do I need one?

Business licenses are required for businesses to operate in a given location. The type and location of the business will determine the requirements and licensing fee. Local government agencies can issue a fine or close a business operating without a license. Each state has its own business license process and registration. Business license from your … Continue reading What is a Business License? Do I need one?

Apply for a Driver’s License

A Driver's license is issued by a state’s local Department of Motor Vehicles. Passing a written test and driving test is required for first-time driver's license holders. The minimum age at which one can obtain a driver’s license varies by state.